Asia is a vast continent that encompasses a multitude of countries each with its essential flavors. At Kagome, we create sauces that capture the soul of these spirited regions.

Kagome Custom Product Bases

Korean BBQ

Savory, spicy, pungent, this Korean-inspired hot sauce gets its piquant flavor from gochujang, the Korean fermented chili paste.

Orange Glaze

An American Chinese cuisine staple consisting of zesty orange juice, soy sauce and sugar.

Sweet Chili

The combination of red chili peppers, vinegar, garlic and sugar result in a well-balanced, savory sauce.

Red Curry

Red bell peppers and red chili peppers provide the base and coloring while garlic, ginger and onion provide the flavor for this versatile, traditional Thai sauce.

Green Curry

Considered the spicier curry of Thailand, this creamy sauce consists of fresh green chili peppers, Thai basil, ginger and coconut.

Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in far more diverse environments than previous generations. They have shown both an aptitude for and interest in becoming familiar with foreign cultures and their cuisines.



Adding Layers of Flavor

Korean BBQ
Use as a marinade and finishing sauce
for short ribs, flank steak and chicken thighs.

See Recipe: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Vegetables and Seafood

Green Curry
Expand your palate with flavors of kaffir lime and cilantro by adding a curry to your stir-fry shrimp and vegetable dishes.

Red Curry

Cajun Buttery Spread
Enhance your everyday rice noodles with a sauce rich in aromatic flavor and creamy coconut milk.

Glaze On

Orange Glaze
Finish those perfectly fried chicken wings with a sweet citrusy sauce.

Dipping Sauce

Sweet Chili
Compliment your egg roll, tempura shrimp and pot sticker appetizer platter with this sauce.

Asian is one of the most popular global cuisines, so it’s no surprise that more restaurants continue to turn to Asian flavors for inspiration.


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