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Our product development process takes the guess work out of achieving your gold standard and allows you to set yourself up for culinary success. Custom creation process from start to finish.

Initiating Product Development

The Kagome Team understands that innovation is a key component in helping our customers achieve specific strategic goals and brand recognition with consumers. Sorting through the ever-changing industry trends and keeping up with the latest food photo-worthy snap shot can be difficult. Our Culinary and Creative Team strive to be an integral part of our customer’s innovation process. We can assist in introducing a new product, reinvigorating existing products or developing annual plans for LTOs. Our goal is to be a resource that our customers turn to for assistance during the innovation process.

Product Development

Our Culinary & Creative teams guide our customers through the process of finding innovative solutions to meet the needs and demands of the ever-changing consumer. While our ultimate goal is to create sauces with bold flavors and fresh quality ingredients, it is also important incorporate the process of manufacturing and being able to blend both art and science. We streamline the product development process to ensure concepts are launched on time.


Product scale-up is an exciting and challenging endeavor that requires organization and flexibility with the goal of product consistency. Kagome follows manufacturing best practices and ensures a seamless process when going from bench-top to full commercialized production. Customers are directly involved at every stage of the process to guarantee quality and product continuity. Our R&D team works closely with a vast network of reputable suppliers to meet volume and cost expectations.