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Co-Manufacturing Capabilities

We are producers of delicious and high quality sauces, margarines and spreads of traditional formulas as well as creative plant-based spreads. We are not only a manufacturer of private label brands, but also a full service provider from the development of innovative formulas to producing products in target packaging. For additional information please contact

Ideal Candidate

Our customers are typically national quick service and limited service chain restaurants or national retail brands with production need that meet our minimum order quantities.


Do you have the ability to make custom formulated products?

Yes, custom formulations are an option. We will work with each customer to determine the best formula for each need.

Do you have any “Not Allowed” ingredients in your facility?

We are not able to produce products that contain more than 2% animal protein. We also do not allow certain allergens in our production facilities. Please inquire for a list of all banned ingredients.

What type of packaging do you offer for spreads/margarines?

Multiple sizes of plastic tubs and bag-n-box.

What are the sizes of packaging that are offered?

8 oz – 50 lb. We are able to do industrial sizes as well.

How are the bowls packaged for case quantity?

Cartons can contain 6 or 12 bowls.

What are typical minimum quantities for each product that can be packed?

Minimum pack is 12,000 lbs equivalent.

Can one formula be packed in different size packaging?


From concept to commercialization what is the typical timeline?

It is product dependent, but it is likely to take 6 – 9 months.

Is your facility certified by a third party?

Yes, we are SQF certified.

Can you manufacture organic products?

Yes, one of our plants is a certified organic manufacturer.

How do you use the Kagome Pouchmate?

Follow the link to watch a tutorial on How to use a Kagome Pouchmate.