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the kagome way

Welcome to Kagome where we always do things The Kagome Way

What is The Kagome Way?
It is an all-encompassing phrase that we use to describe the pride that we apply to everything we do. From the careful attention that we pay to our customers’ journeys from introduction to long-term relationships, to our commitment to our communities and environment, to upholding an elite quality and food safety program. It is about the Kagome Family; a team that displays respect, passiongritteamwork and commitment every day. The team that holds themselves to the highest standards in every aspect of our business—to ensure first-class customer service; they are The Kagome Way.


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Find solutions

with sales

One of our Sales Managers will work with your team to identify your goals and challenges. Our internal teams will align to collaborate on solutions that are ideal for your company’s specific needs.


with our leadership

Each member of our Executive team subscribes to the Kagome vision and values. We believe that a connection with our leadership team is an important part of your customer journey with us. We want to fully understand the mission and core values of your company and ensure that ours are aligned.


with our scientists

Our scientists will help bring flavor, function, and versatility to your menu. Through analytical testing and sensory analysis, our experienced team will provide you with custom solutions that not only taste good but function under the most challenging environments. The Kagome team can partner with you on everything from matching sauces and new sauce development to menu innovation.

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Gain insight

with marketing

We believe in leveraging the power of data to drive decision-marketing. We dive right into researching trends as well as consumer and industry insights then translate this research to provide tailored presentations aligned with your objectives and goals.

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with our chef

Our Executive Chef is excited to collaborate with your culinary team! Together, we’ll explore menu development and sauce innovation.

Product Development May Include

  • Tasting Kit
  • Evaluations, Testing, and Approval
  • Menu Development
  • Concept Innovation
  • Product Matching
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with quality assurance

Product scale-up is an exciting and challenging endeavor that requires organization, flexibility, and a focus on product consistency. While our ultimate goal is to create sauces with bold flavors and fresh quality ingredients, it is also important to incorporate the process of manufacturing, including quality and regulatory measures, and the ability to blend both art and science.

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with operations

Kagome follows manufacturing best practices to ensure a gold standard process when going from bench-top to full commercialized production.

Our proposal process includes discussions on materials, operations, procurement and supply chain.


with logistics

Our proposal process includes discussions on materials, operations, procurement and supply chain. Our customer service team ensures efficient and timely delivery of your product.