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Sophia Liao

Sales & Marketing Manager – Kagome Taiwan

I joined Kagome Taiwan in 2005. As the Sales and Marketing Manager, my passion is to work with customers to develop integrated marketing solutions such as new product design and menu promotion strategy. Prior to joining Kagome, I accumulated many years of experience in R&D and QA from different food companies, which enables me to excel at the job today. I look forward to working with you!

Favorite Food: Tomato Seafood Pasta



Rick Ng

Global Foodservice Sales Director, Asia-Pacific

Hi, I am Rick Ng. My focus is to build business across the Kagome Group by working with teams and leveraging internal resources globally. I have more than 20 years of experience working in the Food Industry from Flavoring, Seasoning, Coating, Sauce & Dressing, and Packaging. I hope to build strong partnerships within our Kagome family as well as our customers in the Asia Pacific.

Favorite Food: Tonkatsu (Fried Pork Cutlet)

China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia


Mitch Austin

Foodservice Sales Manager – Kagome Australia

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and I have been with Kagome for five years now. I look after foodservice sales in Australia and New Zealand as well as the Asia Pacific region for products made by Kagome Australia. Starting out working in my family’s restaurants, I have worked in foodservice and hospitality my whole life. It’s in my DNA. What I love most about working for Kagome is sharing our seed to table journey with our valued business partners.

Favorite Food: Pizza & Burgers

Asia, Australia, New Zealand


Jagadish (Jagz) Mahendran

Global Initiative Manager – Kagome USA

I work as a Global Initiative Manager and have been with Kagome since June 2017. In prior roles, I have worked for Tyson Foods India across their retail and foodservice businesses. Today. I manage Canada, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent for Kagome.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Canada, Middle East, India Subcontinent, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio


Kiri Peterson

VP of Global Business Development

Hi there! I’m Kiri Yu, VP of Global Foodservice Business Development. I have been with Kagome for almost 20
years! I lead strategic partnerships with global customers. I am humbled and honored to be trusted by our valued customers, providing the best of Kagome’s products and services to them, across more than 30 countries.

Favorite Food: Crab

Asia, Australia, California, Latin America


Rohit Bhatla

Managing Director – Kagome Foods India

Hi, I am Rohit. I am the Managing Director of Kagome Foods India. I have been associated with the Kagome Group for over two years now and I am focused on building the Kagome business in India. Prior to joining Kagome, I was working with a large Indian conglomerate for over 13 years in their Food & Agriculture businesses. I enjoy building new businesses and teams. Before joining the private sector, I spent over seven years as an officer in the Indian Army.

Favorite Food: Indian Curries



Marta Bento

Sales Manager

I am Marta Bento, Sales Manager at HIT group, part of Kagome. In Portugal, we process tomato, and other fruits
and vegetables, to produce or Food Service sauces. I have been with HIT group for 6 years, very honored to promote our fabulous products within several regions!

Favorite Food: Tomato Seafood Pasta

Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia