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Bringing partnership and innovation to the forefront in 2020, Kagome Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Corporate Chef Natalie Cervantes. Working hand in hand with Kagome’s food scientists, sales and creative teams, Chef Natalie will lead the exploration into unique flavors and signature recipes, while keeping a keen eye on the trending desires of today’s hungry consumers.

Since 1989, Kagome has been delivering the benefits of vertically-integrated production across the U.S. from their headquarters in Los Banos, California, and facilities in California and Arkansas. With an emphasis on convenience and back-of-house cost savings, Kagome continues to develop custom sauces, spreads and dressings for global brands and restaurant chains across the country. Some of our culinary services include:

  • Menu development
  • Concept innovation
  • Product matching

Chef Natalie Cervantes

Chef Natalie Cervantes holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Notre Dame de Namur University. She zigged and zagged through career exploration in bio-tech and physical therapy before falling into an opportunity developing new breads for Milton’s Baking Company. Later, Cervantes created best-selling flavors for Lara Bar, Justin’s Nut Butter and 34 Degrees Crackers with Fresca Foods, before going back to school at Johnson & Wales in Denver earning an additional bachelor’s degree in Culinary Nutrition.

After graduation, a detour into Quality Assurance and Operations led her to roles at Custom Made Meals, Udi’s and, ultimately, Lineage Logistics where she moved back into an R&D position creating new bread varieties for the company’s primary customer, Subway. Accolades in that role opened doors for her at Kagome. Today, Natalie draws on her experience in QA and R&D, and brings her desire for great-tasting yet clean and simple recipes to Kagome’s customers.