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Back Of House Challenges

Back of House (BOH) operations can be complex and fast moving. Small changes can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Kagome focuses on solutions for the most common BOH challenges; food safety, consistency, waste, labor, workforce safety and storage.

Food Safety

Food safety is our number one priority. Kagome holds ourselves to the highest food standards and safe manufacturing practices in order to protect the integrity of your brand.


Regardless of location, consumers expect the same world class experience and taste when enjoying your food. As your business grows, maintaining flavor and quality standards can be a challenge. Kagome’s solutions take sauce recipes from scratch and scale it up to a level that meets your standards.


Get more use out of your sauces by creating menus with more cross-utilization and using a pouch size that makes sense for your operations. Kagome can give you the tools needed to get every ounce out of your sauces.


Kagome can help you become more efficient in the kitchen by having ready-made sauces at your fingertips.

Workforce Safety

Our flexible pouch packaging helps avoid unintended accidents resulting from those sharp edges that can come from opening and disposing of metal cans.


Kagome packaging is easy to transport and can be easily stored in any BOH environment. Your team can be sure to track inventory and follow standard FIFO practices.

Our Solution

We’ll Handle The R&D

From concept to commercialization to market success, we are committed to being your sauce creation partner. Our product development process takes the guesswork out of achieving your gold standard and sets you up for operational success.

Culinary Expertise

Made-from-scratch taste but consistency and scalability. No problem—we can do that. With years of industry experience our Chef is dedicated to pushing flavor boundaries and applying them to your operational needs. Our goal is to target your standards of excellence and quality expectations right down to the last bite.

Serve Your Customers

The culmination of the R&D process and culinary innovation are the dishes that come out of your kitchen. We understand that your customers are your business. Our ultimate goal is to help you exceed your customers’ expectations. Let us help provide your customers with a seamless experience every time.

Packaging, Too

Sustainability has become a top priority for both restaurants and their patrons. See how flexible plastic pouches for your pizza, pasta, Mexican, and other sauces can provide cost savings, improve your back-of-house operations, and reduce your environmental impact.

Pouch Packaging Benefits