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The Kagome Global Foodservice Group is headquartered in Kagome USA and consists of Japan, Taiwan, Australia, India and Portugal.

Kagome Global Foodservice Group helps build and protect our customers’ brands in over 50 countries. We measure success by our customers’ success, which is why we create strategic partnerships with our global customers. These partnerships have resulted in highly customized end-to-end product and service solutions.
Whether you are looking for tomato raw material, the perfect secret sauce or the next menu concept, we are here to help.

Uninterrupted Supply & Contingency

With over 100 years of servicing our customers, Kagome has never failed in fulfilling customer orders under any circumstances. Over time, we have faced many challenges that are out of our control such as transportation interruptions caused by port strike or congestion, urgent purchase orders from customers, raw material shortage, etc. However, working creatively and relentlessly, we have always found a solution to every situation. With our global manufacturing footprint and access to our most critical ingredient – tomato – in nine different countries in the world, we are capable of putting contingency supplies in place. When the need arises, we will have back-up supply options for our customers.

Product Safety & Quality

Our top priority always is the safe production of products that meet or exceed specifications. Kagome globally possesses the highest food safety and quality standards by sustaining GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certifications for more than 10 years. Since we work with the most prestigious global restaurant brands, we also have extensive experience meeting customer specific, rigorous audit requirements. We support our customers’ regular product evaluation process, continuously driving for product optimization.

Regulatory Compliance

Kagome understands that regulatory changes can sometimes happen quickly, which is why we have a fast-acting and dedicated regulatory team to help our customers execute country specific requirements in formulating, labeling, packaging and documentation. We are experienced with non-GMO, Halal, steam-treated spices, foreign language labeling, legalized documents and many other special requests.

Education & Innovation

Meaningful innovation starts with mutual understanding, which is why Kagome completes thorough business reviews with our customers on a regular basis. We also proactively engage with our customers by conducting Know-How sessions to educate them about our products, capabilities and strengths. From there, we collaborate with our customers cross-functionally to innovate on menu concepts and flavors that Kagome products bring to the table.

Supplier Partner Collaboration

Wholehearted Collaboration is a core value at Kagome, with not only our customers, but also supplier partners throughout the supply chain. Whether with a spice or dough manufacturer, protein processor or dairy producer, we seek out joint initiatives and invite our partners to tackle complex projects together. Creating and approaching a concept through a holistic lens affords us the ability to bring a comprehensive solution to our customers in a short timeframe.

Long-Term Agreement

Having long-term agreements are key to streamlining cost, operation and management efficiencies. We work openly and transparently with our customers to set up multi-year agreements. In order to achieve a win-win long-term agreement, Kagome considers every aspect of the business such as foreign exchange, volume growth, cost changes, etc.

Crisis Management

The COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of how Kagome manages a “crisis”. Before it had gone global, Kagome swiftly responded with heightened health and safety measures that complied with all local government regulations. In order to manage the operational changes, our logistic and production planning increased exponentially to stay ahead of delivery issues. This resulted in more detailed and timely communications with our customers to help them better manage the impacts on their businesses. So far, Kagome business continues to run seamlessly and our customers get what they need when they need it.