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Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are our present and future goals. After all, our products are rooted in nature and the communities that support them. Our goals include:

  • Recycle, reuse and reduce waste
  • Conserve water, electricity and natural gas
  • Shrink our carbon footprint, greenhouse gas and non-greenhouse gas emissions
  • Source ethically and responsibly
  • Support employee, supplier and community programs

Our Vision

We strive every day to become a low-carbon, zero-waste business, and inspire and lead change for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles: Education, Leadership through Management, Transparency, Integrity and Continuous Improvement.

Kagome Inc. faces many challenges and opportunities, therefore we have prioritized the following issues: Climate Change, Water Conservation, Health and Safety and Financial Solvency.

Establishing Mid- to Long-Term CO2 Reduction Targets

Our Objectives

Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to our customers and our employees. We have committed to a sustainable tomorrow by implementing the following practices and improvements to our facilities:

  • Implemented diversion of the refuse stream into 3 new recycling classifications; cardboard, plastic and metals.
  • Successfully began diverting a waste stream and sewer treatment plant by-product.
  • Completed a comprehensive upgrade to the refrigeration system.
  • Installed a clean burning boiler unit; reducing NOx emissions from 25 ppm to <5 ppm.
  • Replaced existing water softeners with low volume, extended runtime units resulting in a 10% reduction of water usage.
  • Redesigned perimeter of plant property with drought tolerant and low water-demanding landscaping.
  • Exchanged all metal halide and fluorescent lighting with LED lighting.
  • Installed 1 mega-watt, roof-mounted solar system with 3 MWh average daily production of renewable energy. This system offsets 1,200+ metric tons of C02 emissions each year.
  • We maintain continuous surveys of water usage for all processes including cooled seals. We also installed automatic shut-off solenoids for motors when not in use.
  • Investigated waste water processes to ensure effluent complies with local, state and federal guidelines.
  • Implemented continuous process improvements to ammonia system to reduce the amount of chilled water used in our facility.