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Recipe from Japanese Cooking 101


Tomato Santa

  1. Cherry Tomatoes
  2. Semi-Hard Cheese
  3. Cream Cheese (Room Temperature)
  4. Black Sesame Seeds

Cucumber Christmas Tree

  1. Mini Cucumber (12” Long)


Tomato Santa:

  1. Slice off bottom of tomatoes (so they stand) and cut in half. Place tomatoes cut sides down on a paper towel and remove moisture. Set aside. Cut out circles from thick semi-hard cheese.
  2. Pipe cream cheese on bottom half of tomato. Place cheese round on cream cheese, and pipe more on top of the cheese round. Place top half of tomato on the piped cream cheese. Pipe a dot on top of the tomato. Stick sesame seeds on semi-hard cheese as eyes.

Cucumber Christmas Tree:

  1. Slice cucumbers long ways with peeler to make ribbons. Cut 1/2” thick rounds.
  2. Fold a thin cucumber ribbon to make an S shape (three or four folds), and pin onto a round cucumber with a plastic stick or toothpick.