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Do you love pizza?

Although there are many tasty reasons to enjoy the savory Italian dish, consumers will be happy to learn there are nutritious benefits as well! Of course, in order to be a well-rounded meal (pun intended) the quality of the ingredients matter.

“When you make things with love and care…

they’re always good for you.”

Angelo Womack, Rad Time Pizza (Tomato Wellness Film – #SauceOnTop​ Trend from Pizza Expo)

Many consumers assume the veggie toppings are what make a pizza healthy, but it’s actually what is under the cheese that holds the nutrition. When we break down the layers of a pizza, the tomato sauce, by volume, provides the most benefits. Although the word “processed” has gained a rather negative connotation, processed tomatoes can actually provide nutritious benefits that cannot be obtained from fresh tomatoes. A freshly picked tomato is 95% water but by processing the fruit the nutrients are then concentrated, especially lycopene. Check out Tomato Wellness to learn more about the benefits of processed tomatoes!

Why is nutritious tomato sauce so important to Kagome?

As a proud tomato sauce provider to some of the top pizza chains in America, we realize our products play a big role in consumers’ diets. Consumers are looking for more transparency and cleaner ingredients from their favorite restaurants, and Kagome is ready to assist in helping your menu meet their standards.

“Transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate in 2021…

Lu Ann Williams, Director of Insights and Innovation at Innova Read our full report here!

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