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May 16, 2023

Contact: Lori Krieger
Marketing Director
Kagome USA
Phone: 210-617-6554

Kagome offers on-the-go sauces and spreads with enhanced sachet packaging.

 Los Banos, CA – A leader of innovative sauces, margarines, and dessert toppings as well as creative plant-based spreads for restaurant owners and chefs, Kagome USA (Kagome) offers an array of in-house packaging capabilities. From sachets to flexible pouches, the packaging options by Kagome seal the deal on efficiency and taste.

Consumers continue to lead active lifestyles and are looking for the foodservice industry to provide more convenient food options. Kagome’s packaging technology, featuring sachet packets among their offerings, meets the rising demand for meal kits, on-the-go snack packs, and controlled food portion sizes as well as the strong desire for more sustainable choices.

The smaller size allows for optimal portability and intuitive consumer use for products such as sauces, condiments, and dressings. They are versatile to provide pre-portioned ingredients, samples, and single serve sauces. The high barrier, puncture-resistance films protect the product during shipping and retain their quality and freshness, reducing waste and diminishing costs.

“Consumer preferences are changing, and we understand the need for ready-to-eat food options, particularly in the sauce category,” said Jaime Sandoval, Director of Operations of Kagome USA. “We are excited to provide these packaging solutions, which reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability.”

For national quick service, chain restaurants, or national retailers whose brands have direct, tangible experiences with customers, package design is a key component of their marketing strategy. Kagome also offers customized sachet packets with their private labeling and co-packing services to meet specific customer needs, such as unique sizes, colors, and finishes.

“Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the best possible packaging solutions for their custom formulations, and these capabilities take us to the next level,” Kiri Peterson, VP of Global Business Development of Kagome USA. “Our customers can expect to receive the same delicious, high-quality products they know and love, with even greater freshness and extended shelf life.”

Kagome’s full line of packaging includes sachets, portion-controlled cups, flexible pouches, bowls, squovals, jugs, bag-in-boxes, pails, drums, and totes. To learn more about Kagome’s packaging solutions, visit the Kagome USA website.

About Kagome USA
Kagome USA aims to, “Use nature’s gifts to make the world a more delicious place.” As one of the largest exporters of tomato-based sauces and concentrates, Kagome enables their customer partners to adapt to culinary trends, to serve with quality ingredients, and to promote a more sustainable food industry where every bite is savored, every drip celebrated, and where even the smallest plant can make the largest impact. For more information, visit Kagome USA at