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Kagome strives to not only produce products that taste good and complement our customers’ menu, but that are also aesthetically pleasing, enhance the flavor AND overall appearance of the final dish. We know the quality – including taste, appearance and application – of our products directly affects our customers’ menu items. This attention to detail goes deeper than providing top quality, it stems from our Japanese roots. In the Japanese culture, food (in addition to being nourishing) should look as good as it tastes! Adding color to your dish is an easy way to make it look more appetizing, and what better way than simply adding a sauce. Bright red marinara poured over pasta, eggrolls dipped in sweet chili sauce with whole red pepper flakes, fresh salsa verde on enchiladas or rich BBQ sauce dripping off of ribs – yum!

Looking for a fun way to incorporate color into your menu?

A menu item gaining popularity in the United States, but that originated in Japan, is the Bento Box. Bento Boxes are a perfect reflection of the importance of food and the meticulous attention to detail in preparing a meal in the Japanese culture. Designed with convenience and serving portions in mind, Bento Boxes are often colorful and delicious. Today there a variety of sizes available with endless food combinations. The Bento Box concept can be found in many prepared meal aisles at the grocery store, but can also be a creative and beautiful meal item for your menu!

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