As plant-based menu items transform from a generational trend to the cultural norm, more consumers are craving (and expecting) authentic plant-based options – not just vegetarian! Kagome’s Chef Natalie Cervantes and Miyoko’s Chef Mark Bjerke come together in this special innovation collaboration to bring three plant-based pizzas to your menu: a classic Margherita, a fan-favorite supreme and a Mexican-inspired artisan pizza. Each concept highlights a Kagome sauce and Miyoko’s revolutionary Vegan Liquid Mozzarella Cheese. The chefs will also demonstrate various application methods that can be used for both the sauces and cheese.

Use the link in the above banner to watch the collaboration video and keep reading below to learn more about the plant-based movement.

Plant-Based Niche to Mainstream

Vegetarianism, veganism and now “plant-based” diets are no longer fringe but have become a mainstream movement that is here to stay. Consumers’ heightened interest in health, functional foods and sustainable plant-based offerings are pushing food service and retail to respond.

Source: *Plant-Based Foods Association; **Nielsen, 2019

Plant-Based Space – U.S. Perspective

Plant-based consumers – including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and flexitarian – make up almost 50% of the population.

Source: IFT magazine Dec 2020

What drives purchase decisions?

As with all food purchases, taste is the #1 driver. A close second reason shoppers seek plant-based foods is their health. Health-minded plant-based shoppers are likely to be baby boomers while environmental impact and animal welfare are motivating factors for Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

Source: Plant-Base Foods Association

Younger Generation Consumers

Source: *Aramark, 2018; **Acosta, 2018

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