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Chicken wings may be on your menu all year long, but this fan favorite finger food deserves a little extra attention this month because July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day! Growing in popularity beyond sports bars and the Super Bowl, 42% of restaurant operators in the U.S. now menu chicken wings. Whether flocking around a platter at a social gathering or pecking at a bucket while sitting on the couch for a night in, wings come in a variety of flavor profiles that appeal to a range of taste buds. However, one thing all wing lovers can agree on – the messier, the better!

To find your next wing-sational flavor or dipping sauce, download the PDF below to view a list of Kagome’s wing sauces. Looking to develop a unique signature sauce? Contact us at!

If you got ’em, you better sauce ’em!

Watch the latest (and sauciest) episode of Get Saucy with Kagome where Chef Natalie Cervantes shows off her sauce and toss skills, featuring our Buffalo, Sticky Sweet BBQ and Garlic Parmesan!


Two Birds, One Pandemic

The chicken wing’s recent flight to fame is in part due to COVID-19. With much of the world encouraged to stay home, restaurants needed to slim down their menu to cut costs and adjust operations to focus more on delivery and take out. Wings were a cheaper, versatile menu item that also travelled well from kitchen to home.

Struggling to keep your chicken wings from getting soggy with sauce? Our team of scientists will work with you to develop a product to perfectly coat and stick to your wing while keeping it crispy. Contact us today at to start the innovation process!

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