Page 8 - Kagome Capabilities
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Planting seeds early.
It starts with sharing our story and passion for food with our customers. We work together to develop demand for our products and theirs.
Producing purposely.
Our production processes use advanced technology and are under stringent quality controls to create exceptional products.
Cultivating innovations.
With about 7,500 varieties of tomato genetic resources and driven by a need to try something new, we continuously create and expertly crossbreed seedlings to supply a truly competitive edge.
Farming fresh produce.
By partnering with local and experienced farmers, we support the growth of a colorful variety of fruit and vegetable products.
Preserving flavors.
We only source the best raw materials to ensure primary and secondary stages of processing produce great tasting ingredients and foods.
Harvesting sustainably.
We commit to a sustainable tomorrow
by implementing practices and improvements to our facilities, supporting our agricultural partners globally.

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