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          Kagome continues the
Sweet ‘N FreshTM legacy of producing high quality liquid and bulk solid margarines with consistency and cost effectiveness. In addition to our stock margarines, custom blends can be created as well!
Taste Elevated is Kagome’s
new artisanal line of sauces,
dish enhancers and finishers. These products are also ideal accompaniments for any cheese and charcuterie board menu. Build that perfect starter menu or take any entrée, beverage or dessert to the next level with this diverse and delicious line-up.
Farm Gold’s irresistible cheese seasoning is made in the heartland of the United States and packaged in 30 pound pails. This line of products is perfect for movie theaters, stadiums, event centers, fairs and farmers markets. It’s as easy as melt, toss and eat!

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