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  Mexican Sauces
Reflecting the flavorful and spicy culture of Mexican cuisine, these sauces contain a variety of peppers and authentic Mexican spices. Customers love the versatile applications from simple chip dips to signature entrées.
Asian Sauces
Asia is a vast continent that encompasses a multitude of countries each with its essential flavors. At Kagome, we create sauces that capture the soul of these spirited regions.
Pizza & Pasta Sauces
We pride ourselves on our tomato-based products - it’s what we do best! We bring tomatoes from our growing partners’ fields straight to our production facility. This gives us the advantage to not only utilize the freshest tomatoes but also allows us to do it cost efficiently and pass that savings along to our customers.
Wing Sauces
Toss, pour, drizzle, dip... No matter how you sauce your wings, we’ve got you covered!
Dessert Toppings
Kagome icings are delicious differentiators that keep your products moist and mouth- watering. Our food scientists custom develop your dessert topping to your specifications with no artificial colors or flavors, natural sweeteners and made Halal suitable.

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