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In 1899, our founder, Ichitaro Kanie, cultivated his first tomatoes and other foreign vegetables in his family plot in Japan. A few short years later, he was producing tomato purees, ketchups and Worcestershire sauces, and Kagome was born.
In 1989, we set up shop in Los Banos, California, the tomato capital of the world. We began developing customized tomato sauces for global restaurant brands in the U.S. This foundation quickly allowed us to offer more. From these small beginnings has grown a passion for food that now spans the globe.
Today, Kagome USA is one of the largest exporters of tomato-based sauces and concentrates, consistently supplying our customer partners
for over 20 years in 39 countries throughout
the world. With 15 global facilities, we are a global resource for custom sauce solutions.

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